2. foxadhd:

    2014 International OCD Awareness Week is October 13-19th

    I made this gif for work. There is so much more to OCD than people realize. Learn what it really means to have OCD, and what you can to do help at iocdf.org/ocdweek.

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  5. Made this spooky tiling background for work the other day.

  7. Still from a new gif.

  8. johnfmalta:

    A huge pile of boxes filled with Universal Slime Issue Two were delivered to me today!! Soo psyched with how it turned out!

    Available this November at CAB (and everywhere else afterwards)!

    Ya!!! I’ve got some pages in this awesome anthology organized (once again) by my dude John Malta. Make sure to pick one up at CAB this year!

  10. johnfmalta:

    Exhibition Poster for an illustration process work show that I curated for The University of Central Missouri. 

    Really psyched to have the chance to curate a show with so many of my favorite illustrators!

    Stoked to be a part of this show curated by the very talented John Malta. Check it out if you’re in the Midwest!